Molars Selected for International Webcast

Friday, June 30, 2017 was something of a milestone for The Molars.  Thanks to our internet promotions on Reverbnation, we were selected to be part of an international webcast on Hartford, Connecticut-based Radio Buzz 101.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Ron Osbourne of Radio Buzz 101 for including our recent recording of "Strychnine" on their Reverbnation Friday 5 at 5 program.  We were in the company of bands from New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities.

Knowing how tight media access is for unsigned bands, especially those outside of the current "mainstream," we fully appreciate the importance of our inclusion.  We thank Ron Osbourne of Radio Buzz 101 for taking the time to expose The Molars to a wider audience.

Mr. Osbourne actually introduced The Molars as being from "a suburb of London, England."  As fans of British rock ranging from the 'sixties invasion to glam to first-wave punk, we are very flattered.

Our song will be in rotation this week.  Please set your browser to so you may listen and enjoy.

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