Molars on The Cat Club Podcast


The Molars give thanks to Columbus-area promoter Rick Gethin, who invited us to be part of his October 22, 2018 podcast, "The Cat Club."  Gethin, the founder of Music in Motion Columbus, interviewed the band and played five of our recordings, including one original tune each from John Colarossi and Jimmy Razor.

To tune in, follow the link below and scroll down to the "Play" button.  You will enjoy Rick talking with John, Mike, and Jimmy and quite possibly, hear some Molars' songs for the very first time. 

(On most systems, highlight this link, copy, and paste into your browser).

Left to right: Rick Gethin, Jimmy Razor, John Colarossi, and Mike Folker looking quite elated after a very enjoyable and insightful interview.

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