We Got The Airwaves

The Molars have finally made it to Radioland this week, as their songs are scheduled for play on two Columbus stations, 99.7 The Blitz and CD 102.5.

The first play will be on the new 99.7 The Blitz "Local


Molars Selected for International Webcast

Friday, June 30, 2017 was something of a milestone for The Molars.  Thanks to our internet promotions on Reverbnation, we were selected to be part of an international webcast on Hartford, Connecticut-based Radio Buzz 101.

We wish to express our…


Long Live Rock 'n' Roll! Remembering Chuck Berry

When Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer Chuck Berry recorded the future classic “School Day” in 1957, it is certain he had no idea that his music would be revered sixty years later.  When he wrote the line, “Long live Rock ‘n’…


Words To Live By

Three valuable lessons I have learned from the music business:

1. Be a class act.
2. Take the high road.
3. Always rise above the occasion.