Temporary Molar: Bart Jenkins

Molars with Bart


When The Beatles embarked upon a world tour in June of 1964, Ringo took ill with a 102 degree fever and a severe throat infection. Unable to cancel the tour at the last minute, Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison enlisted Jimmy Nicol to play drums until Starr had recovered.

On the eve of The Molars' "Cavity Search" release show at the India-Oak Grill, John took ill and was under doctors' orders to stay home.  With John's blessing, the show went on.  We invited Bart Jenkins to cover the bass duties. Bart played a stellar show, even taking lead vocals on an improvised "Johnny B. Goode."

Bart is a total professional, having logged time in fantastic Columbus bands like Th' Flyin' Saucers, Third Degree Sideburn, Tres Diablos, The Diggs, and Terry Davidson and the Gears. We knew he was the right man for the job.

Many thanks to Bart and wishing John a speedy recovery.

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