Cavity Search

by The Molars

Released 2019
Released 2019
The Molars are "Punkabilly:" a greasy mix of 1950's Rockabilly and 1970's Punk, Glam, and Pub-Rock.
Rick Gethin of “Music in Motion Columbus” and the “Cat Club Podcast” gave The Molars’ debut EP, “Cavity Search,” a listen and jotted down his first impressions.
1. “Hey, Hey, Everybody:”
Whether kicking off an album or getting the party started for a live show, this song sets the tone. Strap in and hold on tight…

2. “Stockholm Surfer:”
This is pure and simple what a classic surf guitar is supposed to sound like. It evokes the total immersive feel of being on a beach in SoCal in the early 1960’s.

3. “Rabble Rouser:”
If Jan & Dean and Ramones had a love child, this upbeat surf punk groove would surely be the result. The band melds 1960’s surf with 1970’s punk seamlessly.

4. “B.R.C.M.:”
While staying true to the traditional version of this gem, The Molars manage to give it an updated, rockabilly groove that just works well.

5. “Love Me, I’m Popular:”
The chugging shuffle of this slow burner incorporates a western (country) feel, while the vocals have a slightly sinister edge to them that increases the tension within the song in an eerily wonderful way.